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Leading Calibration Laboratory in Auckland

If you are taking a measurement, how certain are you that it’s accurate?

It’s really important to make sure that the equipment you use is calibrated. Luckily for you, we can do that and provide IANZ traceable certification.

Here at the Measurement & Calibration Centre we are experts in dimensional analysis, calibration, and machinery alignment.

Our services include a full range of laboratory and on-site calibration and measurement services to specified standards, or to meet your specific needs.

That means that when you are using your shear vanes or balances, or whatever measurement device you have, that it’s reliable and you can prove it!






Military/ Defence

Instrument & On-site Calibration

The Measurement & Calibration Centre is a leading provider of IANZ endorsed and in-house calibrations for a wide range of quality control and quality assurance tools.

We offer you a fit for purpose, quality service in a timely fashion.

Our experienced technicians are also able to repair a wide range of items. An item not able to pass a calibration as is, may sometimes be repaired in our workshop and re-calibrated to pass the necessary standards.


New Instruments & Manufacturing

As a growing business you often need to purchase new measuring instruments for your equipment inventory. Measurement instruments can wear or become damaged over time. When repairs are not possible, it may be a good option to buy a replacement instrument.

We can manufacture new measuring instruments and parts, or replace out-of-tolerance instruments or items missing from sets. MCC can provide new instruments and replacement parts. 

Call us to find out more.

Repairs & Parts

Does your equipment need a little TLC?

We have the ability to repair a wide range of equipment and machines both on-site and in our laboratory.

Our technicians can diagnose and repair items such as load frames, compression machines, sieve shakers, impact testers, shear vanes, nuclear density meters, schmidt hammers, air meters, dial gauges and much, much more. 

Dimensional Inspection

Whether your measurement needs are simple or extremely complex, we have a solution.

We provide you with reliable results through contact or non contact methods of measurement, surface roughness and surface form measurements.

Our co-ordinate measuring machine can accurately take measurements from the trickiest of parts so we can tell you if your component is within your required tolerances, or tell you what the measurements are so you can have production drawings made up.

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